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Engineering Equipment and Plotters

We're an authorized reseller of quality Oce' multifunction systems. Some of our best sellers are listed below. Check out the Oce' website for more options/specs, then contact us for a quote or to place your order.

Oce' ColorWave 300
One for all: print, copy, and scan in color and black and white

Print, copy, and scan all your color and black and white wide format documents on one system. Thanks to the top mounted scanner, all functions can be controlled from one simple user panel. Unique Océ technologies, like Océ Image Logic® technology ensures first-time right results, while Océ Dynamic Switching technology maximizes productivity of mixed drawings—all without complex print settings or user configuration.

The Océ ColorWave 300 multifunction system is a true

• One system for all your technical applications
• One system that can be easily operated by all users
• One system footprint for stacking all your documents
• One system that can handle your large format document needs today and tomorrow
  • Detailed product specifications

  • Oce' ColorWave 600
    Wide format Océ TonerPearl™ printer

    The Océ ColorWave 600 delivers unique Océ CrystalPoint quality giving you sharp lines, high readability of fine details, and smooth, even area fills with consistent results over time. The Océ ColorWave 600 uses Océ TonerPearls and Océ CrystalPoint technology to deliver robust color prints on plain
    paper. Toner crystallization ensures strong adhesion to any media. No toner feathering provides unmatched accuracy. And the system’s durable imaging devices ensure output quality is always the same over time.

    • World-class speed of up to 1575 square feet per hour
    • Transparent 500 g Océ TonerPearl cartridges for long print runs
    • Unmatched six media roll capacity
    • Direct-dry plain paper prints for immediate handling
  • Detailed product specifications

  • Oce' Plotwave 300
    Simple, green, durable all-in-one large format printer

    The Oce' PlotWave 300 printer is the most energy efficient wide format CAD plotter in its segment. It is ideal for small workgroups in engineering, construction and manufacturing. This large format system fits in tiny spaces and features an instant-on printer, all-in-one copier and color scanner in a single compact design. Reliable Oce' technology and sustainable design guarantees a long, productive lifetime.

  • Convenient USB printing and scanning right from the printer
  • Top delivery tray neatly stacks, collates and prevents damaged prints
  • Automated roll changing reduces physical strain
  • Instant operation with patented Oce' Radiant Fusing technology
  • Superior color scanning with unique Oce' Color Image LogicŪ technology
  • Detailed product specifications

    Oce' TDS700
    Fits the way you want it

    Introducing the new Oce' TDS700, setting the benchmark in the industry for quality, reliability, and ease of use! With the flexible configuration options, the Oce' TDS700 fits into just about any printing/copying/scanning environment and provides the best mid-volume solution available on the market today. Designed with streamlined production in mind, users spend less time printing, copying and scanning with the following distinctive features:

  • 6 roll media capability and toner loading-while-printing offer over 10,000 square feet of uninteruppted printing capability without the need to stop the system to load toner or paper
  • Instant-on printing capability with the revolutionary Oce' Radiant Fusing Technology ensures that output is received when you need it without waiting for warm up time
  • The integrated output receiving tray on top of the system takes up less space and neatly stacks colated output for easy access and no post prOce'ss sorting required
  • Ergonomically designed media roll loading including automatic cutters in every drawer and a media roll rest ensures that employees can quickly and easily load media
  • Detailed product specifications
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  • Oce' TDS450
    Masters monochrome, ready for color!

    With its multi functional configuration, the system provides printing, copying, and scan-to-file at the scanner. Regardless of the format, the Oce' Power LogicŪ controller ensures efficient prOce'ssing of all document types.

  • Digital multifunction system - print, copy, scan
  • High-quality 600 dpi output
  • Oce' Power Logic controller for fast prOce'ssing
  • Set prOce'ssing capability from the scanner
  • Color scanning now optional with Color Image Logic
  • True concurrency - print and scan at the same time (scan-to-file optional)
  • Detailed product specifications

  • Oce' TDS320
    Effortless work flow, true reliability

    Print, copy and scan system. High functionality in an affordable solution for low volume users. Entry level digital system replaces cumbersome two-step plot then copy prOce'ss.

  • Basic features for budget conscious customers
  • Targeted as a very low volume departmental printer/copier/multifunction
  • Upgrade analog copier and ink jet users to digital multifunction
  • Fits in to customer's existing work flow
  • High quality alternative to "built-to-be-replaced" competitors
  • Detailed product specifications

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