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Paper Supplies & Toners

Bond Papers
General purpose copying and plotting, checkprints, short-run diazo reproduction, architectural renderings, GANNT charts and presentations

Best Used For
20 lb. white engineering bond 92 bright, ASTM type III Permanence Ideal for all general purpose copying & plotting in all engineering copiers and plotters
20 lb. white Recycled Fiber engineering bond, 92 bright, ASTM Type III permanence, 30% post consumer waste The environmentally friendly choice for the repro environment. Recommended for all engineering copiers and plotters
Color Tint 20lb bond. Pink, Yellow, Blue, & Green, ASTM type III permanence Perfect for checkprints and coding for departmental distribution. Excellent for reading field prints under glaring sunlight.
Naturally translucent bond for use as diazo intermediate or a file copy. Smooth drawing surface accepts pencil and ink notations. Suitable for short run diazo reproduction, yet has enough image contrast for distribution prints. Perfect for LED/laser plotting
24 lb. Premium Bond Paper. 92 Bright For presentations, renderings and rough handling situations.

Vellums and Naturally Transparent Paper
Plain-paper vellums are available for all plain-paper and laser monochrome plotters

Best Used For
Permanent Image
Vellum 20 #. Non-Erasable Vellum for 9800/TDS800. Great for file copies.
Economical vellum for the Oce' 9800
Diazo intermediate Environmentally
friendly and safe for all PPC
equipment. (there is no possibility of oil or solvent migration that can damage rollers or belts). 
Solvent-Free Vellum
 20 lb. Non-Erasable 100% Rag
Specially formulated for compatibility with most engineering copiers. Ideal for archive copies, long run diazo masters and originals.

Polyester Films
Stability and excellent flatness, mapping overlays, aerial photo, and field or shop prints

Best Used For
4 mil. Double Matte Film
for plain paper copiers. Stable film for most engineering copiers under description.
Architectural and other applications that call for the stability of a 4 mil. film. Excellent flatness even in the most demanding copiers and plain paper plotters
4 mil. Clear Coated Film
for plain paper copiers
Geographic Information Systems, mapping overlays, aerial photos and other applications
4 mil. White Opaque Double Matte Film For most engineering copiers. An indestructible white opaque film that is ideal for use in the field.

Oce' Toners and Developers
For Oce' Wide-Format plain-paper copiers and printers

For Use in Oce'
Catalog Number
Oce' 7050/55/56 Toner, 2 - 400 gm bottles, B1
Developer, 1 bottle, D1
Oce' 9400
Oce' 9300
Toner, 2 - 400 gm bottles, B4
Developer, 1 bottle, D4
Oce' 9600
Oce' TDS320
Oce' TDS400
Oce' TDS450
Oce' TDS600
Toner, 2 bottles and 2 waste bags, B5
Developer, 1 bottle, D5

Oce' 9800
Oce' TDS800
Toner, 2 - 800 gm bottles, E1
TDS100 Toner, 2 - 320 gm bottles & 2 waste bags
Developer, 1 bottle
TDS700 Toner, 2 bottles & 2 waste bags
Developer, 1 bottle
Plotwave 300 Toner, 2 - 400 gm bottles
Developer, 1 bottle

Xerox Toners

    For Use in Xerox
    Catalog Number

CAD Bond

  • 130400 (20 lb.)
    The smooth, uniform surface of this high contrast opaque bond is the perfect choice for economical everyday plotting.

    Translucent Bond

  • 130401 (15 lb.)
  • 130402 (18 lb.)
    When your short-run reproduction requires the translucency of a vellum, but not the price, you should choose Translucent Bond. The smooth surface produces quick and easy plots and the translucency allows for diazo reprints. This 18# version offers the same translucency as our 130401, with added durability.

    Premium Bond

  • 130405 (24 lb.)
    This premium opaque paper features a heavier base and special surface treatment that offer excellent durability and superior imaging for those requiring a higher quality plot.

    Vellum 100% Cotton Fiber

  • 130435 (17 lb.)
  • 130437 (20 lb.)
    We start with a premium quality, 100% cotton fiber base and then transparentize it using our proprietary prOce'ss. This patented prOce'ss uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Comstoc Vellum has a specially engineered surface that accepts ink uniformly and achieves the greatest possible density without pooling or running. Excellent line quality is achieved with no feathering. The 20 lb. version offers extra handling characteristics and added durability over our 130435.

    Double Matte Film

  • 130443 (3 Mil)
  • 130444 (4 Mil)
    We have manufactured our .003" (130443) and .004" (130444) film with an exclusive inkjet coating. This offers superior black on white images while at the same time allowing high speed diazo reproductions. Fast drying times combined with unparalled line uniformity and density make this film the choice for inkjet plotting.

    717 Color Paper - 24 lb. Water Resistant
    If you're looking for a color bond that produces brilliant colors and image contrast, look no further! Our bright white base is perfect for economical, everyday color printing.

    747 Premium Color Paper - 27 lb. Coated Inkjet Paper
    This specially formulated bond is perfect for applications that require extremely high resolutions. Its low dot gain allows for a broader color spectrum and produces crisper, cleaner finished prints.

    749 Economical Heavy Weight Paper
    A lighter weight version of 746, but still a contender! It has some the same features as 746 Premium Paper except its coated on one side. 749 weighs in at 36 lbs. and offers an economical choice for wide format color printing.

    746 Heavy Weight Premium-Coated (Single Sided)
    Our Premium Coated Paper is perfect for proofing applications. The coating provides brilliant, crisp images and the heavy weight of the product eliminates show-through. (45 lbs.)

    751 Aqueous Inkjet Photo Paper - 8 Mil
    MicoFlash is a Universal Satin, Gloss & Matte photopaper that dries in a flash and takes dye, pigment, thermal and piezo ink. MicroFlash offers high quality and fast dry times at exceptional prices.

    756N Satin Photographic
    The semi-matte surface of 756 is ideal for situations that require an expanded viewing angle, without the unsightly reflections and glare normally associated with a glossy surface.

    727-20 Mil Glossy Canvas
    728-17 Mil Matte Canvas

    Take our 727 or 728 Canvas, add your printer and you’ll end up with a work of art that even Michelangelo would be proud of! We offer a high-gloss or matte coating that each yield superior color and vibrancy.

    766 Display Graphics Film 12 Mil - Polycarbonate
    For large display graphics, most output vendors over-laminate graphic output with a heavyweight, scuff resistant polycarbonate film for protection and glare reduction. Now you can print your graphics in reverse right on that same film, then turn it over and mount it, no overlamination required!

    787N Clear Film / Side Stripe
    AZONcolor 4 mil Clear Film/Side Stripe is designed for all types of multi-layered imaging, signage and overlays.

    797N White Opaque Film
    This 4 mil White Opaque Film is specially coated to produce bright and vivid images. In addition to this special feature, this 4 mil film offers high resolution and a super glossy alternative because of its extreme durability.

    810 Polyethylene Banner
    This 10 mil Polyethylene Banner material is durable and water resistant. Its ultra smooth surface provides excellent imaging results. Pigmented inks are recommended for outdoor applications, however, dye-based inks may also be suitable for indoor applications.

    820 Scrim Vinyl
    Premium 15 mil Scrim Vinyl material provides a great deal of opacity for banner applications. Its opacity minimizes show-through from sunlight and other factors.

    830 Reinforced Poster Paper 10 Mil
    By combining the durability of wet strength paper with nylon reinforcement, Reinforced Poster Paper becomes a very durable outdoor poster material. This is an economical alternative to high-end banner materials, especially for short-term indoor or outdoor use.

    840 Tyvek Banner 9 Mil
    Get maximum durability and tear resistance with Tyvek Banner media. It is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    850 Matte Adhesive-Backed Vinyl
    This 5 mil Matte Vinyl material has a water-resistant coating that allows for vibrant, beautiful imaging, plus its matte surface allows for a wide viewing angle.

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